ACL surgery and recovery

So, I lucked out and tore my right ACL playing volleyball on November 6, 2011.  I’m putting the date down here, so I don’t have to keep looking it back up.  The fun part was I actually dislocated my kneecap at the same time, which was all the doctor I saw at the sports medicine clinic diagnosed the next day.  It felt a lot like the dislocated knuckle I’d had playing softball about five years earlier, on a much larger scale, so that made sense to me.

I had a month between that appointment and the follow-up that was automatically scheduled, during which a lot of the major issues with the knee went away.  The swelling, which had never been terrible, disappeared.  The range of motion was almost all the way back to normal, except that I couldn’t squat down onto my right heel without a feeling of pressure behind my kneecap, like the thighbone was trying to push the kneecap forward.

Therefore, I wasn’t too surprised when I went back on December 5th and the doctors finally diagnosed the ACL tear.  I went in for an MRI that same day, and got the confirmation back on December 9th that the ACL was completely torn, plus the lateral and medial menisci both had fairly severe tears.

I met with the surgeon the next week, and scheduled surgery for January 3rd, the earliest there was an opening.  So I had surgery five days ago, and I finally decided to put some of this down, more to get it all straight in my head than anything else.

Next post- Surgery day and the fun of recovery and rehab!



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